Multilingual TRX system TRX financial management USDT-TRX mining source code
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Multilingual TRX system TRX financial management USDT-TRX mining source code

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Building Tutoria:

Function introduction:

1. Users register via email

In the background, you can set whether to enable email verification, that is, log in through the email verification code. You can also set in the background system settings whether registration through the verification code is required, whether the security password is the same as the login password, whether the invitation code must be forced, and whether there is no superior user. Automatically go to the user you set.

2. After successful registration

A trial amount of 1,000 will be given. If you register through the verification code at level 3, there will be registration benefits. You can set how much experience money you will receive after registration in the background system settings. VIP1 will earn 5% daily, and VIP2 will earn 6%. According to your recharge If the amount exceeds a certain amount, VIP will be automatically upgraded. However, these earnings cannot be withdrawn. Users must recharge 24 hours before they can withdraw. The amount of withdrawal is the cumulative recharge amount * currency withdrawal rate. For example, if he recharges a total of 100 yuan and the withdrawal rate is 2.8%, then he You can withdraw 2.8 yuan.

3. Recharge

The user enters the recharge page and clicks to complete the recharge. After entering the amount of his recharge and submitting it, the backend recharge management will have information. After the review is passed, the front desk will automatically add coins, and the superior will also receive benefits. This benefit is a third-level rebate.

4. Profit

There will be income here at eight o’clock every day. According to different VIP levels, the proportion of income is also different. VIP1 is 5% income, and VIP2 is 6% income. Then customers can click to collect, and they can get the mining commission. If it is not collected for more than 24 hours Then the income expires, which can greatly increase the customer’s stickiness. This income will also be returned to the third level of commission.

5. Invitation

Users can promote registration through QR codes or invitation links. Users who register through this invitation link will be in your subordinates. After customers register through your invitation links, you can get commissions. After that, you will get a refund for subordinate users who recharge or gain income. commission

6. Member list

Information about all users of the platform supports various queries. Click on the pid to view each user’s team members, basic information, fund flow recharge records and currency withdrawal records, as well as whether to run member withdrawals, disable or lock the account.

7. Member list setting agent

Agent users can be added in the background

Software screenshot:

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19IT blockchain Multilingual TRX system TRX financial management USDT-TRX mining source code